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Tattile TAG family of Giga Ethernet Digital Cameras
TAG Camera - Tattile Advanced Giga Ethernet Camera
TAG Giga Ethernet CameraThe Tattile TAG™ family of cameras integrates the power of Giga Ethernet into compact digital IP cameras.
TAG™ cameras transfer images over 1 Gigabit/second connections at distances of up to 50 meters on standard network cables directly through the Ethernet port to your PC – without a dedicated image-acquisition card or framegrabber.
TAG™ cameras can also use standard Giga Ethernet switches to create networks of cameras.
The TAG™ cameras are software configurable (shutter, gain, etc.) and have two digital I/Os for seamless integration.

Main Features:
NEW family of digital cameras, designed for industrial application, based on Giga Ethernet link. - High resolution digital cameras
 - No frame-grabber required
 - Minimum PC CPU usage
 - Progressive CCD BW and Color
 - Line Scan and Area Scan available
 - SDK and filter for ease of integration
 - IP GigE camera for IEEE 802.3 networks
 - Up to 4 cameras simultaneously to one PC
 - Up to 50 meters with economic CAT5 cable

Giga Ethernet Camera

System Architecture - TAG Camera
System Architecture
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TAG Camera - Tattile Advanced Giga Ethernet Camera - model TAG
Model TAG, Area Scan sensor

TAG Camera - Tattile Advanced Giga Ethernet Camera - model TAG 2
Model TAG - 2, Line Scan sensor

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