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ADLINK Industrial Automation
ADLINK Products

ADLINK dedicates itself to the development of reliable, high performance and cost effective PC-based automation products. The technical challenges of our customers are set as milestones for our R&D team. With the base of I/O card design in different form factor and different bus, together with the expertise in 8051, DSP, CPLD, FPGA, our team are focus in some specific technologies including motion control, deterministic serial I/O, image capture and image analysis, communications. And our products are:

ADLINK Industrial Automation
  • Motion control cards
  • Deterministic serial I/O : High Speed Link
  • Distributed Programmable Automation Controller
  • Machine vision cards, software, CCD
  • Vision systems
  • Embedded systems
  • Remote I/O modules(RS-422, RS-485, Ethernet): NuDAM Series
  • Communications cards: RS-232, RS-422, RS-485

The DPAC and Vision systems are the new offering of our products. Reliability, performance, compatibility are the basic features for these platforms. The functions of these products are well integrated motion, I/O, communications for DPAC and well integrated image capture, pre-processing, post-processing for vision systems.

ADLINK Technology, an official distributor for the Toshiba Teli Corporation in Taiwan, offers a complete range of Toshiba Teli vision cameras. Toshiba Teli is one of the world's largest vendors of machine vision cameras for medical, semiconductor inspection, web inspection, instrumentation, and robotics market segments.

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ADLINK Launches Distributed Programmable Automation Controller for Machine Automation Applications
New Series of PCIe Camera Link Frame Grabbers
ADLINK Introduces 2-CH PCI Express® IEEE 1394.b Frame Grabber
Ultra-Compact, Fanless Embedded Controller
A 4-CH PCI Express Video Capture Card with High-Speed Transfer Rates
Advanced DSP-based 4-Axis Stepper and Servo Motion Control Card - PCI-8174
A 4-axis Stepping and Servo Motion Control Card with Modularized Design
High Speed Link U Series Module: HSL-DI16DO16-US/UJ & HSL-DI16-UL
A Cost-Effective 4-Axis Stepper Motor Control Card
Building your own I/O control system is easy with the new ADLINK HSL-qSTART Starter Kit
ADLINK introduces PCI-based 8-axis motion card for steppers, servos, and linear motors
ADLINK Industrial Automation
P Command
Servo Serial
Frame grabber
Basler Pioneer Series Cameras Cameras
Vision Package
Starter Kit
PCI Board
Metal Type / M Series
Low-Profile Series
Daughter Board / DB Series
U Series
Terminal Board
Remote I/O modules
Remote Data Acquisition Modules Converter
Remote Data Acquisition Modules Analog
Remote Data Acquisition Modules Digital

Embedded System

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