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Repair and Return Policy and Procedures

Welcome to Adept Turnkey Technical Support. The fact that your are here means you may need some help either with a repair, product installation or application development.

Three Ways to Contact Technical Support
If you are a Adept Turnkey customer, and have a question about your Imaging, machine vision or Data Acquisition product, there are 2 ways you can contact our Technical Support Department.

1. Phone: (03) 9384 1775
2. Email:

Need to return a product for Repair ? (RMA Procedure)
If you need to return a product for repair you will require an RMA number. You will also need to follow the following procedure so we can facilitate the repair as quickly as possible.

Please DO NOT return any hardware back to Adept Turnkey Pty Ltd without a valid and authorized Return Material Authorization (RMA) number.

Send an Email to

When requesting an RMA number please provide the following information

Product Model for the Faulty Items
Serial Number of Faulty Items
Fault Description
Purchase Date if available
Your Company Details must be included
An email contact that will be suitable to receive our
   documentation in an pdf form

Adept Turnkey will email an RA Form. Please fill out and return.

The Adept Turnkey Partnership
Your partnership with Adept Turnkey begins the first time you contact us. We're happy to discuss your data acquisition, imaging and machine vision needs. We work with you to assess product requirements, clarify options, and give you the background you need to make an informed decision.

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