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Standard Lenses
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glo_rightarrow_sm.gif (78 bytes)Fujinon
glo_rightarrow_sm.gif (78 bytes)Navitar
glo_rightarrow_sm.gif (78 bytes)Tamron
Specialty Lenses
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Need Lighting ?

High Mag Imaging
Lenses - Machine Vision Lenses  and CCTV Lenses
We offer a complete range of video lenses for every scientific, Medical and  industrial application. Video lenses from Navitar, Fujinon, Tamron, Computar and Avenir are the ideal choice for applications ranging from PC board inspection to viewing glass bottles on a production line. If you require lighting click here

Zoom 7000 12X Telecentric Lens CCTV Telecentric Lens Telecentric Lenses ELWD Macro Invaritar Lenses Zoom 7010 Invaritar Large Filed Lenses Telecentric Accessories Video ZFL Scope Auto Focus Motorized Zoom Lenses Motorized Controllers Lighting Fiber Optic Lighting Video Lens AccessoriesDigital Camera Adapter Telecentric Accessories Zoom 7000 Lighting 12X Zoom Zoom 7000E Telecentric Video Lens Large Format Raptar Lenses Navitar Video Lenses Large Format Raptar Lenses
Computar Lenses Tamron Lenses  
Computar fixed focal and varifocal lenses in both manual and auto iris, manual and motorized zoom lenses, and high-speed aspherical lenses. Tamron offers a wide range of  mono-focal, vari-focal, & zoom lenses for CCTV and machine vision applications. Specialty products include machine vision high resolution lenses
Fujinon Lenses Avenir Lenses
Fujinon high quality manual & auto-iris fixed focal, vari-focal, manual and motorised zoom, video conferencing, 3CCD camera, near infrared and machine vision lenses. Avenir /Seiko manufacturer low cost manual & auto-iris fixed focal, vari-focal, manual zoom, video conferencing, 3CCD camera, near infrared and machine vision lenses.
Kowa Optimed offers CCTV  lenses for FA industrial, machine vision, and video security, as well as low-cost, high quality colour and monochrome cameras. 
Specalist lenses
Navitar Machine Vision
Navitar is the leading supplier of optics, opto-mechanical sub-assemblies and opto-electronic system solutions for machine vision, automation, assembly, imaging, testing, measuring, and inspection. Our optical designs are involved in applications such as semiconductor metrology, electronic imaging, telecommunications, biometrics, photonics R&D, non-contact measurement, and biotechnology and life science.
glo_rightarrow_sm.gif (78 bytes) High Mag Zoom Lenses
glo_rightarrow_sm.gif (78 bytes) High Mag Fixed Lenses
glo_rightarrow_sm.gif (78 bytes) Large Format Lenses,
glo_rightarrow_sm.gif (78 bytes) Low Magnification Video
glo_rightarrow_sm.gif (78 bytes) Lenses,Telecentric Lenses
glo_rightarrow_sm.gif (78 bytes) Fluorescence Imaging

glo_rightarrow_sm.gif (78 bytes) Auto Focus Zoom Lenses
glo_rightarrow_sm.gif (78 bytes) Motorized Solutions
glo_rightarrow_sm.gif (78 bytes) Vision Illumination
glo_rightarrow_sm.gif (78 bytes) Accessories

Video Lens Selection
There are a growing number of video imaging applications in which a single, constant magnification factor and a fixed working distance are required in order to maximise contrast and performance. We have responded to this need with a wide range of fixed focal length lenses.

To determine which lens will work best for your application, please review the information on our web page or feel free to call one of our engineers. Determining all the necessary parameters for video lens selection including focal length, field of view and camera chip size, need not be a mysterious or intimidating process.


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