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Ethernet Data Acquisition Products

Ethernet Data Acquisition Selection GuideEthernet Data Acquisition Selection Guide

View our line of Ethernet Data Acquisition products in one glance using our Ethernet Data Acquisition Selection Guide. Easily compare features between all our Ethernet Data Acquisition Systems and find the one that's right for your application.

DI-710 Data LoggerGeneral Purpose Ethernet Data Acquisition Instruments

The DI-710 Series and DI-720 Series provide general purpose Ethernet Data Acquisition Solutions for use in situations where pre-amplified signals are acquired. Examples include process monitoring and a variety of medical research applications. A more ruggedized general purpose instrument is available in the DI-722 Series.

DI-730 Ethernet Data Acquisition SystemHeavy Industrial Ethernet Data Acquisition Instruments

The DI-730 Series is a Heavy Industrial Ethernet Data Acquisition System providing 1000V channel-to-channel and input-to-output isolation Perfect for troubleshooting AC or DC motor drive systems. Measure field voltages and currents, control signals, RPM, and more. Also for Electric Motor/Generator Maintenance and Troubleshooting in Mills and Locomotion.

DI-718B Data LoggerIsolated Industrial Ethernet Data Acquisition Instruments

Use the DI-715B Series with 5B style isolated amplifier modules or the DI-718B Series with 8B style isolated amplifier modules for fully isolated industrial signal conditioning applications. Over 90 module types provides a wide variety of measurement functions and ranges. Modules may be mixed and matched to specifically meet your application.

The Advantages of Ethernet Data Acquisition

Ethernet Data Acquisition CableEthernet Data Acquisition systems provide a stable communications interface that can be accessed virtually anywhere. Advantages include:

  • Connects to any established Ethernet network with multiple drops
  • Inexpensive cabling
  • Uses TCP/IP Protocols and is accessible via the internet
  • Runs as far as 328 Feet (100 meters) are possible without hubs
  • Doesn't require Device Driver Installation

Take a look at our Distributed and Syncrhonous Ethernet Data Acquistion Products or our USB Data Acquisition Products or our Data Logger Products.


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