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USB Data Acquisition Modules and 
Stand-alone Data Loggers
 Data Translation, Adlink Technologies,DataQ Instruments and Labjack 
Data Translation DataQ Instruments
ADLINK Technologies

Measurement Instruments

Temperature Solutions

Sound and Vibration

USB Data Acquisition (PC Based)

Data Loggers (Stand-alone)

Simultaneous USB Data Acq.

Digital I/O

DSP Control and Data Acq.

GPIB Module

USB Data Acquisition
Ease of use is here for data acquisition measurements.
The laborious effort required with plug-in boards is eliminated. USB
measurements offer all the high performance of plug-in boards without
any of the disadvantages.
 80 different USB modules are available to
choose from for all measurement needs in industrial, scientific and
medical applications.

Considering a Traditional
Chart Recorder Purchase?
Think again. See why a more
cost-effective and powerful
PC-based data acquisition
system is right for you.

Precision Measurement Instruments

Measurement Instruments

DT9816 Series

Labjack U12 DataQ Instruments Starter Kits Starter Kits/Low Cost 
Entry level USB 2.0 modules that provide excellent price/performance.   
DT9834DT9805/06 PC Based Modules 
A large range of general purpose and high performance USB 2.0 data acquisition modules.
DI-718 PC Based Modules with Onboard Signal Conditioning 
For fully isolated industrial signal conditioning applications with over 90 module types provides a wide variety of measurement functions and ranges. 
DI-718 Data Loggers (Stand Alone Units) 
Single & multi channel loggers suitable for all signal types including standard voltage torque, pressure, process current, distance, rpm, load, temperature, voltage, current, and much more.
DI-730 High Voltage Input Modules 
Perfect for troubleshooting AC or DC motor drive systems. Measure field voltages and currents, control signals, RPM, and more up to +/- 1000V.
  DT9805/06 Temperature Measurements
These instruments allow direct thermocouple, RTD, and precision voltage or resistance measurements with a PC.
Software Solutions Software
These instruments allow direct thermocouple, RTD, and precision voltage or resistance measurements with a PC.
Load Cells, pressure sensors, signal conditioning modules and more
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