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At dPict Imaging, we believe the frame grabber is still the best price/performance technology in the vision market. To prove it, we designed our frame grabbers around a powerful Texas Instruments DM642 video processor for flexibility in handling the most stringent application requirements. And we did it at general-purpose frame grabber prices. So whether you are using component analog or high-speed, high-resolution digital camera inputs, we have the right solution for you.

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Nexeon Frame Grabbers

Nexeon frame grabbers support high-definition video in analog or digital video formats.

Nexeon HD

Aexeon Frame Grabber
  • PCI Express Bus Format
  • Standard or High-Definition Input Support
  • HDTV or VGA Display Capture
  • HDMI or DVI Input Support

Nexeon HD Xtra

  • PCI Express Bus Format
  • Digital HD SDI or HDMI Input Support
  • HDTV or VGA Display Capture
  • SDI Passthrough Output


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